For many if not all of us, COVID-19 and the lockdowns have effected us all in pretty much every way possible... financially, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically.

To embrace our somewhat unrestricted freedom, I am currently running 2 promotions to help get you kickstarted and to make a return into your training and wellbeing once again!

Single sessions: Will be $50 ($20 0ff usual pricing)

Covid Comeback: Is $120 per week... 

Covid Comeback is a 4 week program which is personalised and designed for your own particular goals and ambitions, them being the main focus of the program itself. Aswell as the physical training aspect, we focus on creating positive mind setting which also ties into your mental health and wellbeing.

Inclusions in the program are;

  • 4 week personalised program
  • Correct form/ technique execution demonstrations on all listed exercises/ movements
  • 24/7 communication via phone, email, socials etc.
  • Goal setting and mental wellbeing
  • Insight into MCD programming

*Promotions will be for a limited amount of time*

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