Get to know the coach and together talk about the ways that we can help improve your lifestyle and personal habits


3 adaptive elements of MCD programming


- Can drastically improve the way we perform, function and deliver.

- Involves finding ways to grow from your thoughts instead of dwelling and letting them control your outcome.

My services are not only about training within the gym. Together we learn how important creating positive habits and adapting to new routines can improve your mental health both in the short, and long run.


Regardless of your goals, whether it be to gain muscle, lose fat, improve functionality etc... I've got you covered.

Inclusions and what to expect within your program:

Individualised and tailored training splits to suit you and your goals

- Demonstration of correct form and technique, as well as explanations on the exercises, muscles involved and their functions

- Downloadable program to help keep track of progress

- 24/7 communication via email, phone, or in person

- Constant check-ins on mental and physical health

- Overall enjoyable program which will be assessed regulary, changed if needed, in order to achieve faster results 



By incorporating the previous aspects/ elements to our programming, we have now created an opportunity for yourself, a window even, for a new lifestyle change.

It's all smooth sailing after this phase in our coaching. Together we have created a strong, healthy and positive mindset and outlook on life, backed by a steady training and eating regime.

Combined, our time working together has now given you a new lifestyle to follow... naturally and on your own accord. 

#TeamMCD clients

I've been training with Jye for around 2 months now. I have made more progress in this time than I ever did in over a year without a trainer like himself. Jye developed a workout plan tailored to my goals and has helped keep me motivated whilst training with him. He helps me to push myself to my limits but also ensures my form is correct to avoid injury. Overall, it is always a pleasure to train with Jye, and I have seen significant improvements to my strength and size since I started training with him. I would definetly recommend Jye if you are going to hire a Personal Trainer.

Tom Rout

I came to Jye after a very long time of inactivity with an almost non-existent level of fitness. Jye prepared an initial workout plan, and then fine tuned it so that any weakness could be specifically targeted, all while not sacrificing my end goals. He also has great insight when it comes to increasing stability and mobility to better performance of the bigger compound movements. All in all, working with Jye has helped me tremendously and I have noticed a significant increase in strength and overall fitness.

Steve Perez

I have been training with Jye for just on 3 weeks now. Jye had set up a program that was perfect for me, we started training and he has been a great support pushing me to work harder but not too hard that I didn’t want to keep going.
I’m already beating my PBs and getting stronger every week, giving me the drive and determination to keep going and work harder. Jye and I have a great training relationship because he is so easy to get along with and for me that’s important to help achieve desired results.

Katie Lee

For someone who is brand new in the game, Jye knows it all. If you want to improve strength, conditioning and size I would highly recommend Jye! He has personally increased my strength and conditioning, and has improved my health all round. You'd be silly not to hit him up if you want to see yourself improve!

I highly recommend MCD Performance.

Kayleb Hawkins

Jye is a well educated and talented coach as he moulds my workouts to be specific for my goals and abilities. He insures that I always have correct form and always encourages me to push myself to my limits without overdoing so.

Tess Atkinson

As a gym newbie, Jye started me off on the right foot with a tailored workout plan, and introductions to compound exercises. He worked around my injuries and schedule, offering alternative workouts and adjusting to different techniques. Jye really knows his stuff, and is great for a good chat too. I highly recommend Jye and his business.

Edward Atkinson

Motivation, Courage, Determination.

"Applying and incorporating only 3 aspects to positively change one's life."

"I didn't want to enter this industry being just another trainer... I want to truly be there for my clients. A shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to who will actually listen, not just from a coach's perspective, but from a friend's. Client interaction and communication is my main focus with MCD Performance. From someone who has hit and rebounded back from dark times over and over, I know what a relief it is and how much of a difference it can make on your overall health and outlook having that person there." - Jye McDonald, Owner and Coach.

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